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During late 2006, I decided to finish my basement and looked at various options. The standard dry-wall construction did not appeal to me because of the usual problems associated with dry-wall dust propagating throughout the house during construction, the potential for mildew and replacement issues if ever there is flooding in the basement. I was impressed with the Owens-Corning method of using fabric-over-foam. However the Owens-Corning solution offered only one color choice (a rather dull looking color at that) and there was very little flexibility with respect to panel width and length.

This is when I came across David Luciano and his Beyond-Basements Solutions. David offered a solution somewhat similar to the fabric-over-foam of Owens-Corning except that it was totally flexible and tailored as far as dimensions and choice of fabric (practically unlimited). Initially, although David’s solution was very appealing in concept, I had some qualms as he had just started this company and this method of basement-finishing was a new concept. As a consequence, I viewed going with David’s solution as a gamble with the feeling of being a guinea pig to some extent. However, there was something about David that told me that he was passionate about his work and that he was committed to delivering high quality work. Trusting that judgment I went ahead and David finished the1700 Sq Ft basement within four weeks. This included six different fabric colors/textures, raised ceilings, furniture railings and a full finished bathroom. I can definitely say that my instincts proved correct and am very pleased with the result. In addition to the advantages mentioned below, there were additional significant advantages over the dry wall systems. The cloth and foam walls provide great heat insulation – so useful during the cold Chicago winters. The sound insulation is so good that it feels like the inside of a music studio.  

The walls now stand in virtually the same condition as when it was first installed over 4 and 1/2 years ago. There were very few adjustments needed post-installation which were duly taken care of by David who continues to pay visits periodically to make sure everything was perfect.I would be more than happy to recommend Beyond-Basements for anyone’s basement solutions and to answer any questions.

Mani S.


To Whom It May Concern:
The company Beyond-Basement designed and supervised the renovation of our unfinished basement in April 2011. The owner, David and his crew did an outstanding job right from the start. The work they performed included refinishing the basement from scratch, as well as installing a new full bathroom where they had to complete the pluming, sewer, and electric lines. In addition to the basement job, he also remodeled our other bathroom and installed our new water heater. All of the above work was done in a professional and timely manner. David’s eye for the aesthetics of the project never let us down; we have received many compliments on our finished basement.Furthermore, David is an excellent owner and skilled designer who contributed ideas that no one else had. He was patient and helped us in picking the right design, styles, fabric for the basement, and accessories such as the paint, vanity, mirror and faucets etc. His ability to find solutions to unexpected problems is commendable. He is extremely detail oriented and hates to do a sloppy job. Over and above all of these he is very reliable, punctual, clean, and trustworthy. We have three kids at home and they also enjoyed when he was working in the house.All in all, we are very happy and satisfied with David’s work and his professionalism.

Randy C


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