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No cookie cutter basement designs-unlimited choices for you

The revolutionary Beyond-Basements Acoustical Soft Wall Soft Finishing System is superior to drywall and cement board applications while also being resistant to mold and mildew growth.

Whatever Your Lifestyle

There are no limitations on room designs, color or style options, and any future decor changing is fast and clean. The finished appearance is an upgrade to even the best looking drywall and absolutely blows away all other “cubicle looking” fabric wall systems and those silly, antiseptic hard panel systems. If you’re looking for the most elegance and versatility, while also offering the most value for your dollar, there really is only one choice. And that choice is Beyond-Basements. Think we’re kidding?  Visit here for our basement challenge where you could get your basement finished for free.

• Removable / seamless look
• Class A fire rated
* Mold and mildew resistant
• Great acoustics
• Green materials
• Lifetime limited warranty
• 23 trim packages in 15 standard trim finishes
• A full service custom remodeling company

Plus we offer many other options that no one else has: we can stretch tens of thousands of other fabrics or materials

• we can incorporate almost any existing or custom trim
• we can do curved walls, angled walls, or arches in fabric
• we can do fabric panels for overlays and fabric ceilings
• we can add aesthetically pleasing straight, beveled, and curved joints to break up large runs
• we can stretch our fabric over our special acoustical panels,  cement board, rigid foam, drywall, paneling, and many other substrates.

Home Theatre


With the increasing sophistication of home entertainment technology, home theaters have become more popular than ever. Recreating the theatre experience at home usually involves entertainment systems cranking out high volume sound that could be unwelcome in other parts of a poorly insulated house. Beyond-Basements Drywall-Free Finishing System provides excellent sound control properties which can have a dramatic impact in a home theatre both by keeping extraneous noise out so you can enjoy the entertainment and also by helping to keep music and dialogue generated in the home theatre from migrating to other rooms.








The insulation material of the core itself is comprised of fine glass fibers-creating an enormous number of minute air spaces in the panel. This in turn makes the insulation panel highly resistant to the passage of heat and sound. Speech will sound clearer, reverberation is reduced, and sound transmission between rooms will be reduced. Additionally, the walls will receive an R-17.5 insulation rating. The 6lb insulation board is also fire rated (per ASTME-84) and non-hygroscopic.

wall fabric rolls

W​all Fabrics

60 Groups of Fabric Styles With Literally Thousands of Different Fabric Styles and Colors in Stock.

We think green. All fabrics are 100% recycled polyester. In fact, the Terratex bio-based fabrics we use from True Textiles, Inc were named a Top 10 Green Building Product by Building Green, Inc. Accepted by all major building codes with a Class A fire rating  (ASTN E-84), they are also virtually free of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).

12 to 16 mil pvc film

Trim & Colors

23 trim packages in 15 standard trim finishes

The core of the trim itself is also environmentally friendly. It’s MDF (reconstituted sawdust) which otherwise would have been used as landfill. Encapsulating the core is a decorative PVC film. This 12 to 16 mil, extremely thick protective coating is applied over the MDF with adhesives, heat, and pressure to beautifully conform to each particular molding profile. This maintenance-free, prefinished trim equals and often surpasses the beauty of real wood.


Trim Colors: Due to computer monitor variations
colors may not be accurate.

Visit Our Complete Fabric Center

Fabric Wall Cleaning

 Fabrics generally do not require much maintenance. If dust should accumulate, simple dusting or vacuuming is sufficient. However, the frequency of this and other routine maintenance is determined by end use conditions. The Guilford of Main panel fabrics which we use are colorfast to both water-based and solvent-based cleaning solutions and may be cleaned with all conventional upholstery cleaning systems. This on-site cleaning can prove to be a very economical alternative to purchasing new fabric or to replacing an entire section of a complete wall system which many of our competitors are limited too. For small stains follow these procedures:

1. Blot fresh spills immediately.
2. Ensure that the fabric is adequately rinsed after cleaning, as residual cleaning agents may accelerate soiling.
3. Have the fabric professionally cleaned whenever large stains or an overall soiled conditions occurs.


For most water-based stains, a clean, absorbent cloth dampened with a detergent solution (e.g. 1 teaspoon laundry detergent/1 pint warm water) should be applied to the stain. Blot the fabric with the treated cloth, working from the outer edge of the stained area moving inward. In order to effectively draw out the stain, renew the cleaning cloth frequently. Rinse well with clear water, and dry the fabric as quickly as practical. Oil-based stains may be treated in a similar manner, substituting a volatile solvent-based cleaner for the detergent solution. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for using such products, and always pretest an inconspicuous area of the fabric for colorfastness to the cleaning agent.

Note that the following are general recommendations for the panel fabric only. Some fabric cleaning methods may cause damage to underlying materials in panel or wall panel systems. Contact the panel manufacturer for recommendations and precautions prior to attempting any of the following procedures:


If the stain persists you may want to go to this link for more specific removal methods; but again, test first in an inconspicuous area. Should the fabric need to be replaced, simply replace it without replacing any other component—unlike most of our competitors’ systems.

Molding Profiles


molding profiles

One clip holds up to 11 lbs. Use multiple clips for heavier objects. Set of 10 clips and 100 two inch “T” pins $40.00 Includes free shipping to Continental United States

order here

Picture Hanging Kit

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