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Quite often we’re asked what sets us apart from other basement companies who also offer alternatives to traditional drywall remodeling.  The straightforward answer is:  we are contractors.  All of our dealers, installers, and even the founder and president of our company, make their living in the construction industry. No one who sells or installs our system is a laid off accountant or “handyman. ”Your basement will be done by professionals rather than a crew off the street.  In fact, our team has done everything in the residential construction industry—from building custom homes and installing outdoor kitchens to creating custom cabinetry and state of the art bathrooms. But that’s just one advantage.  Probably the most outwardly identifiable difference is the final appearance of the finished product.  Our basements are beautiful on the inside and out.  Meaning, not only do they have multiple benefits you just cannot get with drywall construction, but they also look great! Imagine a basement which is absolutely stunning to the eyes, yet is removable, mold resistant, provides theater quality acoustics, and is practically dust free during the construction process.  


No drywall basement can make these claims. Yes, some soft and hard panel basement companies have some of our benefits, but none have all of them.  What’s more, the look of them is a joke compared to a basement finished the Beyond-Basements way.  In fact, many don’t even show as well as the most mundane drywall basements.

See, for them, it’s a trade-off:  eliminate the problems associated with traditional drywall construction but sacrifice aesthetics, design, and options.But having real, skilled installers providing a beautiful finished product (to whatever your imagination desires) without any drawbacks of drywall construction, is just the beginning of why we simply are the best.


Our sales approach is quite different too.  No phoney gimmicks or discounts.  No high pressure sales tactics.  Real customer service. Why not give us a call and see for yourself.  Spend five minutes on the phone with us and ask some questions.  If you don’t like what you hear we’ll be happy to give you the names of our competitors.


FAQ’S A must read! The information contained here not only elaborates on some of our many benefits but will also give you  great understanding of this industry as a whole. If you only have a limited time with your visit, start here.

Bank Financing

In keeping with the brutal honesty of our business model, partnering with one or even several banks just wouldn’t have your best financial interests in mind.  Because one lender has the best rate today doesn’t mean the best rate will be there tomorrow. But don’t fret.  You can still get the best rate available with a little help from the internet. First some basic information:​

​INTEREST RATE:  the interest rate you are paying for borrowing the money

APRrate plus all other fees associated with the loan (points, processing fees, etc.); in short, it is the actual yearly interest cost you are paying for borrowing the funds over the entire term of a loan

TRUE MORTGAGE VALUE:  what the yearly rate is costing you for the length of time you plan on holding the loan

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