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Now more than ever our phone-in consulting services are needed in these challenging times.  Try us free for 5 minutes, 630.546.3031

We are a full service Naperville, Il design/build company, focusing on basement finishing, and specializing in the installation of our Beyond-Basements
Drywall-Free Basement Finishing Systems.

Transform Your Basement Into a Home Theatre, Game Room, or Extra Living Space and Do It Without Health Concerns and Construction Times of Traditional Drywall Remodeling​​

Drywall Basements  (BBDBS)


• although we have steered clear of this option for the past five years, we are now offering it again for the homeowner on a tight budget

• to help eliminate the mold and mildew problems associated with this application, we recommend mold resistant drywall for a slight upcharge


Beyond-Basements Structural Insulated Panel System (BBSIPS)

• for those needing piece of mind from failed sump pumps, or for those just wanting to have that familiar hard surface look, Beyond-Basements offers a magnesium oxide board (MgO) sandwiching a 3" thick insulation core material


• provides a 100% waterproof substrate which can be finished with your favorite paint or even an exterior cementitiuos colored topcoat, unique to Beyond-Basements


• all trim may be exterior grade PVC, if desired, providing for that extra level of waterproof protection


Beyond-Basements Hybrid Finishing System (BBHFS)

• a great combination of the Beyond-Basements Acoustical Soft Wall Finishing System (BBSWS) and our Structural Insulated Panel System (BBSIPS)


• provides some acoustical properties, eliminates most drywall taping, provides a removable system where one needs it the most (on the upper half of the wall) while providing a waterproof substrate on the lower half


• upper and lower halfs can be rearranged; drywall can be substituted in place of either the BBSWS or BBSIPS; full walls may each be made up with different systems—ie, all hard panel, waterproof SIPs but a theater area comprised of our acoustical, fabric walls

Beyond-Basements Acoustical
Soft Wall Finishing System
The crème de la crème

• there is nothing better


• the only system with the appearance and versatility to enhance schools, office buildings, conference rooms, media rooms, nurseries, living rooms, and of course basements.


• literally thousands upon thousands of different colors and fabric styles in stock. Over 23 trim packages with 15 standard finishes


• The only basement finishing system in the country (hard or soft panel) with the ability to fully customize with curved walls, arches, custom trim, third party wall coverings, and have everything fully integrate as if it was our stock system

What To Look For In A Drywall-Free Basement Finishing Company

Are they a full service company?
Beyond-Basements can do everything for your basement. Kitchens, baths, fireplaces

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It’s going to be a high pres­sure sales pitch. They do not want you to sleep on it because you’ll have time to do research and/or get other esti­mates

The Sales Pitch...Red Flags​​

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